Feb 28, 2020

Operation: Destroy All Monsters!

Captain Hutch Philips and Doctor Jenson Von Trappin take on a new terror, while searching the Archives for answers in the reel Destroy All Monsters (1969) The first in the 3 part series.

Feb 21, 2020

Mission: Flash Gordon, He’s a miracle!

This week the boys take on the Sci-fi movie classic Flash Gordon (1980) They talk about the movie, football fighting style, amazing set design, beautiful headstones and sky writing Hawk men!


Feb 14, 2020

Mission: Run Logan, Run!

This week the boys take on, disintegrating bodies, exploding at age 30, flesh eating robots and sparkly lasers. They also recast the movie, and spotlight a great sponsor!

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Feb 7, 2020

Mission:Last Man on Earth!

The Spanish duo Mike and George take on a new journey into the Science Fiction movie expanse! They take a look at The Last Man On Earth (1964) starring Vincent Price. Vampires, zombies, crazy people? How do you keep a fire going for 3 years?


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